Website Services 9.2.12

Annotated release notes. Full changelog on GitHub

Updates & New Features

Layout Builder (version 1)

Content editors now have a new tool in their toolbelt for building dynamic landing pages - Layout Builder! The “Landing Page (Layout Builder)” content type enables editors to build custom landing pages with a new drag-and-drop interface. Learn more in our docs.

  • Accordion Components - Layout Builder v 1.0

  • Card Components - Layout Builder v 1.0

    • Flexible card-style components that allow for up to 4 cards with images to display across a page, depending on the chosen layout.
    • Cards Documentation & Training
  • Carousel Components - Layout Builder v 1.0

  • Grid CTA Components - Layout Builder v 1.0

    • Flexible grid-style components that allow for up to 4 grid items to display across a page, with the option to include icons in place of images.
    • Grid CTA Documentation & Training
  • Hero Banner Components - Layout Builder v 1.0

    • A full-width, almost full-height banner displaying at the top of a page, with a title/header, description, and call to action overlaying an image.
    • Hero Banner Documentation & Training
  • Ping Pong Components - Layout Builder v 1.0

    • Paired sets of full-width page components that allow for an image and text to display either right or left aligned (i.e. image on right, text on left; text on right, image on left)
    • Ping-pong Documentation & Training
  • Promo Card Components (Sidebar) - Layout Builder v 1.0

  • Simple Menu Components (Sidebar) - Layout Builder v 1.0

  • Statistics Components - Layout Builder v 1.0

  • Table Components - Layout Builder v 1.0

  • Tabs Components - Layout Builder v 1.0

  • Webform Components - Layout Builder v 1.0

9.4 Drupal Core Update

  • Updated the YUSA Distribution to the most recent stable version of Drupal Core.

Gated Content - Private Pages

  • Allows for Y’s to have one or more pages of their website to be gated so that only association employees, or members of their board of directors, are allowed access.

Branches - Improvements for displaying Branch location Holiday hours

  • In the Branch Hours section, the day of the week labels (Mon, Tue, Wed, etc) can be overridden with custom text.

    • Gives branches the ability to overwrite “Mon” with “Monday, July 4th” and/or “Sat” with “Christmas Day”.

Activity Finder / Schedules

  • Disabled “View PDF” button when schedule page returns no results

    • When no results are returned in Activity Finder, the “Download Weekly PDF” button does not display on the page
  • Improvements to file names for PDF schedule downloads

    • PDF Schedule download files have been given more user-friendly names

    • Example: “West YMCA October 24 - October 30”

  • Drupal 10 support

  • PHP 8.1 compatibility fixes

Locations & Maps

  • Location Page Improvement on Tablet Breakpoint

    • On tablets, users will now be able to see the list of amenities displaying below the content, rather than in the sidebar.
  • Filter Locations by ID instead of title

    • Locations are now filtered by ID instead of title/name. This resolves an issue where duplicate location names were causing problems with results when filtering by amenities.

UX Improvements - Previous story / Next story (for Blogs)

  • Users can view suggested blog posts at the bottom of a blog post page, and can click through to view the previous or next blog post.

Admin / Content Editor Updates

  • Show “Add Content” in Admin Menu

    • Made the “Add Content” menu item available by default for site administrators.
  • Ability to quickly clone a node or entity

    • Gives site admins the ability to clone a node or entity so they can create new content quickly without having to create each node from scratch.
  • Batch Upload of Media Files

    • Content editors can now upload multiple images and PDFs in a single step to streamline their workflows.
  • Update to Admin menu items

    • Renamed OpenY admin menu to YMCA Website Services

Bug Fixes

Unpublished Branches show “Restricted Access” in “Blog Posts Listing” Block

  • Resolves an issue where unpublished branches were displaying as “Restricted Access” in the blog post listing locations filter

Status page is partially empty

  • Fixed an issue where the Status Report page was missing information

Membership Builder - The button label isn’t changed to the “Selected” on the membership page

  • Resolved a UX issue where buttons were missing indicators (“selected” text or button color changes) that a membership type had been selected.

Reduce z-index of fixed header

  • Prevents unwanted side effects in layout builder

Openy_custom fixes/changes minor release

  • Resolved ‘failed to open stream error’ on Drupal backend
  • Renamed admin menu to YMCA Website Services
  • Updated home branch module learn more help text
  • Made home branch popup configurable
  • Enabled translation of form buttons with extra submit check

Alerts updates & bug fixes

  • Ensured <front> or / work for setting homepage Alert visibility
  • Cleaned up help text for Alert visibility section
  • Resolved PHP 8 deprecation warnings
  • Handled edge case for missing alert_location field
  • Cleaned up backend warnings for alert requests