Digital Services Release 9.2.13

Annotated release notes. Full changelog on GitHub

Updates & New Features

Layout Builder (v2)

Expanding upon the December release, we are making additional components and content types compatible with Layout Builder. Learn more in our docs.

  • Modals

  • Breadcrumbs

  • Testimonials component

  • Partners component

  • Staff Members component

  • Articles

    • A new Article content type combines all news-related content types into a flexible content type and allows content editors to include Layout Builder components within an article page.
    • Articles Training & Documentation
  • Related Articles

  • Events

  • Related Events

  • Branches

    • Updated Branch content type that allows for layout builder components to be included within a Branch page, in addition to branch-specific content.
    • Branch Training & Documentation
  • Branch Hours

  • Branch Menu

    • Single level sub-menu that displays within a branch page (and sub-pages) that allows users to drill down to additional content specific to that branch.
    • Branch Menu Training & Documentation ADD LINK
  • Branch Amenities

  • Branch Social Links

    • Component for placing Branch-specific social media links on a Branch page.
    • Branch Social Links Training & Documentation ADD LINK
  • Additional Layout Builder improvements, update,s and documentation:

    • Added Layout Builder roadmap summary to docs
    • Standardized and updated existing component field names for consistency
    • Resolved issues with low contrast of text over images
    • Updated documentation to include new components and updates to content types
    • Included node_revision_delete in distribution w/ default settings

Drupal Core Update

  • Updated the YUSA Distribution to the most recent stable version of Drupal Core - Drupal Core 9.5.

Activity Finder / Schedules

  • Resolved an issue with the guided flow for Activity Finder not showing results if users skip a step
  • Admin alert for Daxko API updates - Created an alert message for admins that directs Y admins to update from GroupEx to the newer version of the Daxko API, along with documentation on how to make the update.
  • Removed a filter within the Code block that was preventing direct pasting of GroupEx Pro embed codes.

Locations & Maps

  • Allow “Directions” link text to be customized by content editors

UX Improvements

  • 404 Page Improvements - users who reach a 404 page will see a 404 page with the association’s basic contact information and a contact webform

Admin / Content Editor Updates

  • Created documentation for all YUSA Sandbox environments.
  • Added a Glossary to Website Services documentation.
  • Sandboxes, Event Content Type - ensure dates for demo event content are always set to be in the future.
  • Included node_revision_delete in distribution w/ default settings

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue with H2 text size not displaying correctly
  • Removed Google Translate logo from Select Language menu