Digital Services Release 10.2.14

Annotated release notes. Full changelog on GitHub

Updates & New Features

Layout Builder v3.1

Expanding upon the March 2023 release, we are making additional page components and content types compatible with Layout Builder. Learn more in our docs.

The final set of components and content types will be completed in the September 2023 release.

Updated Component Designs

Existing Layout Builder components have been modified to improve accessibility compliance and include use of brand colors.

  • Cards
    • Updated Card styles to make the text over image more accessible and include additional brand colors.
  • Carousels
    • Updated Carousels to remove the text and CTA covering the image, and placed controls below the component to reduce visual noise; included additional brand colors.
  • Statistics
    • Updated Statistics to remove text, statistics and CTA overlaying the image, and placed them in their own distinct elements; included additional brand colors.
  • Sidebar Menu
    • Sidebar Menu updated to include additional brand colors.
  • Tabs
    • Tabs updated to include additional brand colors.

Drupal Core Update

  • Updated the YUSA Distribution to the most recent stable version of Drupal Core - Drupal Core 10

Activity Finder / Schedules

  • Resolved an issue with keyword search not working
  • Patched a security issue that allowed malicious redirects

Locations & Maps

  • Branches - Hid Holiday hours if it contains no content, and ensured Holiday hours display if the current date is a holiday
  • Allowed Canadian addresses on Branch Layout Builder pages

UX Improvements

  • Resolved issue with Focal Point module that was causing issues with the front end display of responsive images

Admin / Content Editor Updates

  • Set the global default theme to Carnation
  • Removed “Font” and “Size” options from WYSIWYG styles

Design System - Y Styles

“Y Styles” helps site builders customize their sites in an accessible and brand-compliant manner.

Documentation for Y Styles

  • Colorway Configuration - Created 4 YMCA brand compliant color schemes for associations to choose from when building website pages:
    • Green / blue
    • Blue / purple
    • Purple / red
    • Red / yellow
  • Created variations of Banners and Cards to allow more design flexibility for content editors when creating pages.
  • Created variations of Landing Page components to match the 4 brand compliant color schemes, including:
    • Global elements (header, footer, utility menu, mega menu)
    • Hero Banners + Banner variations
    • Accordions
    • Breadcrumbs
    • Cards + Card variations
    • Carousels
    • Location finder
    • Modals
    • Ping Pongs
    • Promo Cards
    • Sidebar Menus
    • Simple Content / Tables
    • Sponsors
    • Statistics
    • Tabs
    • Testimonials
    • Webforms

Bug Fixes

  • Added pathauto aliases for new Layout Builder Content Types