Digital Services Release

Annotated release notes. Full changelog on GitHub

Updates & New Features

Layout Builder

  • Donations
    • Updated Donation component to display in all 4 color schemes
    • Fixed issue related to giving amount fields
    • Fixed issue with component layout in tablet views
  • Menus & Global Elements
    • Search bar and logo were made editable
    • Header and Footer can be added to new Layout Builder content types
    • Fixed an issue with the hamburger menu displaying on large screens
    • Added a placeholder for the Google Translate block in Layout Builder
    • Fixed issue with Alerts related to the hamburger menu
    • Ensured links of only 1 level display in the expanded mega menu (i.e. only L2 pages should show if I open the L2 menu)
  • Ping Pong component
    • Made Verdana default description font
  • Amenities component
    • Fixed issue where some amenities are not visible if some amenities aren’t grouped

Activity Finder / Schedules

  • Fixed icon on Activity Finder filters

UX Improvements

  • Included some additional UX improvements to the Layout Builder admin panel