Digital Services Release

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Sandbox Demo Content Pages

Documentation Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an error occurring during a full profile installation. (#1084)
  • Layout Builder - Google Translate block - Google Translate block showed a double placeholder when editors uncheck “Show content preview”. (#1078)
  • Layout Builder - Branch Content Type - Fixed button icon position issue. (#1069)
  • Layout Builder - Camp Quick Links - Resolved styling and alignment issues. (#1051)
  • Layout Builder - Resolved watchdog errors when saving/editing landing pages. (#1040)
  • Ensured Alert previews display only selected paths. (#1059)
  • CKEditor 5 - Fixed issue where Selecting “Source” made WYSIWYG text invisible. (#1063)
  • Layout Builder - Resolved issue with the live site UI menu displaying on top of the admin UI, preventing content editors from accessing the admin UI. (#1060)
  • Layout Builder - Preferred / Home Location feature - Resolved issue with button alignment (#1052)
  • Layout Builder - Preferred / Home Location feature - Linked Home Branch link in header to selected Branch page, and the chevron/drop down to the modal to select a different Branch. (#1053)
  • Resolved an issue with menu items with icons not saving. (#1067)
  • Added missing config to Articles and Events Content Types. (#1068)
  • Included Alert Rearrange in Admin menu. (#1074)
  • Set up schema_article module to be enabled with config. (#1062)
  • Removed a duplicate instance of media_entity_document in composer.json. (#1113)
  • Ensured there are no failed patches on composer install. (#1039)
  • Resolved an error when upgrading from Drupal 9.5.9 to 10.3.0 (#1131)
    • Credit: Kerry Knopp
  • Fixed openy_hours_formatter so it can handle non-time entries, i.e. ‘Closed’. (#1105)