YMCA Website Services Distribution Documentation

The YMCA Website Services platform is a content management system that uses Drupal functionality and useful modules from YMCAs and digital partners. It’s easy and free to use—everyone is welcome to implement YMCA Website Services and run YMCA Website Services projects.

In 2016 a group of YMCA digital, marketing, and technology experts recognized the digital opportunities that exist if we work together as a community and established YMCA Website Services.

A core team led by a small group of YMCAs including the YMCA of the North (formerly Greater Twin Cities), Greater Seattle and Greater Houston guided the distribution until 2022, at which point ownership was transferred to YMCA of the USA’s Digital Services. The core team of Y-USA, ITCare, ImageX, and Five Jars now:

  • Pays for expenses associated with managing YMCA Website Services
  • Maintains the YMCA Website Services content management system
  • Ensures all basic functionality accessible from the content management system is available free of charge—those who contribute cannot charge others for what is shared
  • Strives to be aware of issues found within the YMCA Website Services content management system
  • Is not liable for bugs, crashes, or performance issues of the content management system
  • Invites and approves digital partners to join
  • Offers training for YMCA Website Services Specialists—digital partners that are very familiar with the platform
  • Offers certification for YMCA Website Services Integrators—digital partners that can install and work directly on the codebase
  • Distributes communication about YMCA Website Services
  • Organizes events for the YMCA Website Services Community

YMCA Website Services is similar to the Thunder Coalition for the publishing industry, which has generously agreed to share some of the same concepts and content that you see used on this site.

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