Article content type is used for adding blog posts, news items, and press releases on the site.


NameMachine nameRequiredDescription
Titledrupal’s defaultYesTitle of the article item.
Sub-titledefault??NoSub-title of the article item
Locationsfield_article_locationYesReference field to branch and camp nodes. Multiple Values.
Categoryfield_article_categoryNoReference field for choosing the term from “Blog Category” vocabulary. Multiple Values.
Meta Tagsfield_meta_tagsNoA meta tags field allows us to provide structured metadata and Graph meta tags for Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other social networking sites.
Typefield_article_typeYesSelect list field with multiple options for choosing article type:
  • News Item (default)
  • Blog Post
  • Press Release
Imagefield_article_imageNoImage field for the Blog item. Entity reference to Media bundle.
BodybodyNoTextarea for the description/body with WYSIWYG, without summary.
Contentfield_contentNoFilter list of available layout builder components
Related Contentfield_article_relatedNoReference field for choosing related Article nodes. Multiple Values.

URL pattern

Content type is using following pattern: /blog/[node:title] /news/[node:title] /press-release/[node:title]

Last modified January 24, 2023: Add article content type structure (344263ac2)