Landing Page (Layout Builder)

Landing Page content type is used to add Landing Pages to your website using Layout Builder widgets.

This page is managed with Layout Builder. You may want to uncheck “Publish Content” before creating a page, use the “Layout” tab to build the content, then Publish when the page is complete. See our User Guide for help.


LabelMachine NameRequiredDescriptionField SettingsNotes
TitletitleyesTitle of Landing Page
MetadataField group
Meta descriptionfield_meta_descriptionnoShort text used for metatags and cardsText (plain, long)
Meta imagefield_meta_imagenoMedia image reference for use in metatags and cardsEntity reference (Media image)
Meta tagsfield_meta_tagsnoProvided by Metatag module

URL pattern

Content type is using following pattern: [node:title]

Last modified September 26, 2023: docs: DS-1050 Add LBLP build doc (daa48db98)