Membership content type is used for adding membership on the site.


NameMachine nameRequiredDescription
Titledrupal’s defaultYesTitle of the membership item.
Descriptionfield_mbrshp_descriptionYesTextarea for the description/body with WYSIWYG, without summary.
Imagefield_mbrshp_imageYesMedia field to upload the image.
Membership infofield_mbrshp_infoParagraphParagraph to indicate the location where the membership is available and the URL.
Locationfield_mbrshp_locationNoSelect list with locations (branches). Single value.
Linkfield_mbrshp_linkNoLink field to provide the membership redirect URL.
Join Feefield_mbrshp_join_feeNoDollar value for how much someone has to pay to join.
Monthly Ratefield_mbrshp_monthly_rateNoDollar value for the monthly fee of the membership.

URL pattern

Content type is using following pattern: /membership/[node:title]