Session content type is used for adding Sessions on the site.


NameMachine nameRequiredDescription
Titledrupal’s defaultYesTitle of the session item.
Classfield_session_classYesA reference field for selecting the program subcategory.
Session InfoField group--
Descriptionfield_session_descriptionNoTextarea for the description/body with WYSIWYG, without summary.
Genderfield_session_genderNoSelect List with Gender options: Coed, Male, Female.
Online registrationfield_session_onlineNoBoolean field that determines if the Register Now button/link gets displayed.
Ticket requiredfield_session_ticketNoCheckbox field to indicate that there is a ticket required.
Min Agefield_session_min_ageNoInput field for adding the min age.
Max Agefield_session_max_ageNoInput field for adding the max age.
Registration linkfield_session_reg_linkNoA link field with the Registration link Value.
MembershipField group--
In membershipfield_session_in_mbrshNoBoolean field that helps determine if the session is included into membership package.
Member pricefield_session_mbr_priceNoInput with with the price information for members.
Non Member Pricefield_session_nmbr_priceNoInput with with the price information for members.
LocationField group--
Locationfield_session_locationYesA reference field for selecting the branch or camp.
Physical Locationfield_session_plocationNoA reference field for selecting the facility.
TimeField group--
Exclusionsfield_session_exclusionsNoA date field that identifies dates that would normally have an instance of the session but won’t. Needs to be able to have multiple exclusions. Supports multiple values. Should be handled by a single date field with ’end date’ option enabled. Its widget should be adjust to not to show period end date, but show period end time (to keep period start/end date equal).
Timefield_session_timeParagraphSession schedule.
Date & Timefield_session_time_dateNoThis will use Drupal date/time fields & should be a single date field with ’end date’ and ’end time’ option enabled.
Daysfield_session_time_daysNoCheckboxes with following values:
  • sunday|Sunday
  • monday|Monday
  • tuesday|Tuesday
  • wednesday|Wednesday
  • thursday|Thursday
  • friday|Friday
  • saturday|Saturday
Should support multiple values.

URL pattern

No URL pattern. Eventually this content type shouldn’t be available for end users.