4 Columns

This is a paragraph type that will be used for implements a paragraph with 4 column.


NameMachine nameRequiredDescriptionNotes
Line Abovefield_prfg_display_line_aboveNoDisplay a line above the column.
First Columnfield_prgf_4c_1stNoEnter first column body.
Second Columnfield_prgf_4c_2ndNoEnter second column body.
Third Columnfield_prgf_4c_3rdNoEnter third column body.
Fourth Columnfield_prgf_4c_4thNoEnter forth column body.
Buttonfield_prgf_4c_buttonNoButton with link to display under 4 column paragraph
Paragraph Titlefield_prgf_titleNoEnter title to display at the top of 4 columns paragraph.
Paragraph Descriptionfield_prgf_descriptionNoEnter description to display under the 4 columns paragraph title.