As with code, it’s good practice to run automated checks on our docs too.

lint•er : noun

  • a machine for removing the short fibers from cotton seeds after ginning
  • a static code analysis tool used to flag programming errors, bugs, stylistic errors and suspicious constructs

Using linkcheck:

Linkcheck has some issues with localhost that we’re working on resolving. Until then, you can set up your local site to run through Cloudflare Tunnel and then run it.

  • linkcheck -e --skip-file .linkcheck_skip.txt - run the linkchecker on internal (default) and external (-e) links with our custom ignore file (--skip-file).

Checking markdown

Using markdownlint:

  • markdownlint-cli2 --fix "content/en/docs/user-documentation/paragraphs/**/*.md" - lint and fix the Paragraphs directory