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Getting Started with YMCA Website Services Development

Whether you are just getting started with YMCA Website Services or need to test a feature in a stable environment, the YMCA Website Services Core Team maintains a number of Sandboxes that you can use.

Processes & Components

Environment Setup

Contributing to YMCA Website Services

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Decoupling YMCA Website Services

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Update Processes & Notices

These documents are for old versions of YMCA Website Services, but may contain useful information for troubleshooting future update issues.


Welcome to YMCA Website Services

3rd-party dependencies

Acceptance Testing

anti spam protection

Code of Conduct and Best Practices

Code Review Quality Best Practices


What goes into making the selectable colorways in Layout Builder.


Composer version constraints for YMCA Website Services


Create & Use New View Modes


Decoupled (external) projects

Decoupling components as independent modules

Dependencies in drupal info.yml

Deprecating and removing components

Development FAQ

Drupal 10 update

The update from Drupal 9 to 10 is easier than some, but still comes with some challenges.

Drupal 9 core dependencies version flexibility

Drupal-SA-CORE-2018-004 security update

Google Custom Search Configuration

GroupEx PRO quick start

How to contribute large features (back-porting, etc)

How to develop themes in YMCA Website Services

Important versions for upgrade path

Install Solr site search

Install SSL certificate

Installation With Drush

Module Development

one-click install how-to

Open Y analytics sunset

Participant Agreement

Patch YMCA Website Services

Profile custom configuration

The distribution supplements the Drupal install process with a number of custom additions.

Program Event Framework

A robust set of content types and syncer modules that build interactive tools to help members find and book activities.

Pull Requests review standard

Release processes

Release Schedule and Guidelines

SA-CORE-2018-002 security update


YMCA Website Services Sandboxes for Evaluation and QA

Secure devops for composer 2 release

Server Requirements

Smoke Tests Index

Start new YMCA Website Services project

technology pipeline

Terms and Conditions

These Terms & Conditions must be agreed to upon installing YMCA Website Services

Testing YMCA Website Services for PHP 7.4 version support


Theming and Design


Upgrade OpenY 8.1.3 to

Upgrade path

Upgrade to Open Y 1.x

Upgrade use case from to

Upgrading to a new version of the distribution


Virtual Y Configuration

Website Services Terms of Use