Data Layer

See also the Data Layer module README.

The Data Layers module output data on the page in a json format. By default it will output properties (langcode, vid, name, uid, created, status, roles) and related taxonomy for any node, user, or any route based entity.

A limited set of properties are available via the Data Layers configuration form at /admin/config/search/datalayer (langcode, vid, name, uid, created, status, roles).

Adding additional properties can be done through use of hook_datalayer_meta().

function my_module_datalayer_meta() {
  return array(

It will be added to the page as:

  "entityProperty": "whatever the value is"

Altering which properties will be output can be done via hook_datalayer_meta_alter().

function my_module_datalayer_meta_alter(&$properties) {
  // Override module norm in all cases.

  // Specific situation alteration...
  $type = false;
  if ($obj = _datalayer_menu_get_any_object($type)) {
    if ($type === 'node' && in_array(array('my_bundle', 'my_nodetype'), $obj->type)) {
      // Remove author names on some content type.
      if ($key = array_search('name', $properties)) {
    elseif ($type === 'my_entity_type') {
      // Remove some property on some entity type.
      if ($key = array_search('my_property', $properties)) {

Adding additional data can be done using datalayer_add().

function _my_module_myevent_func($argument = FALSE) {
  if ($argument) {
      'drupalMyProperty' => $argument,
      'userAnotherProperty' => _my_module_other_funct($argument),

To alter the data to be output use hook_datalayer_alter().

function my_module_datalayer_alter(&$data_layer) {
  // Make the title lowercase on some node type.
  if (isset($data_layer['entityBundle']) && $data_layer['entityBundle'] == 'mytype') {
    $data_layer['entityLabel'] = strtolower($data_layer['entityLabel']);