Search Tracking with Google Analytics


  • Google Analytics account to track you site should be created.
  • Google Analytics contrib module should be enabled and configured to use existing GA account.


  1. Log in to Google Analytics account that configured to track your YMCA Website Services site.

  2. Click Admin button in bottom right corner of main screen Google Analytics Main Screen

  3. Click View Settings Google Analytics View Settings

  4. Scroll to “Site Search Settings” section and enable “Site Search Tracking” switch Google Analytics Site Search Settings

  5. Fill query parameter field with q, query values and click Save

  6. Reports about the search tracking you can find at main screen in Behavior → Site Search Section

Attention: Data processing latency for search tracking reports is 24-48 hours (see Google’s support doc).

Last modified September 14, 2022: fix: Rename to YMCA Website Services (fcf52dfd)