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List of migrated repositories/projects

In 2022, maintenance of the distribution moved from Open Y LLC to Y-USA. With this, repository locations have changed:

How to start developing Open Y

In order to get a copy of the latest development version of the distribution, please follow steps from YUSA OpenY README.

Pay attention Open Y has a modular structure, so if you plan changes to specific component - create Pull Request/Merge Request in respective project or repository, based on component’s composer.json data.

In order to test specific component, create a PR to yusaopeny and add a reference in composer.json of Open Y in order for the build system to start using updated component.

QA sandboxes for Open Y

The YMCA Website Services core team manages sandboxes for various configurations of the distribution to facilitate evaluation, to help with QA, and enable investigation of issues.

How to start developing Virtual Y

Get started with the README

QA sandboxes for Virtual Y

How to start developing Membership Framework

Get started with the README

QA sandboxes for Membership Framework

How to start developing Activity Finder

Activity Finder is installed with the distribution by default.

Get started with the README

QA Sandboxes for Activity Finder