Open Y analytics sunset


Back on 28 Jan 2020 Open Y decided to add an anonymous analytics module openy_analytics which was a free opt-in/opt-out solution for the Core team to gather stats from Open Y sites about the frequency of components used.

The idea behind this was to gather data in order to understand the demand for the components in Open Y and use the data to make better decisions.

Recently, the Open Y Core Team decided to sunset this functionality and remove openy_analytics as well as openy_update modules from the Open Y Distribution, as this feature was rarely used. By sunsetting this functionality, we reduced server load from Open Y instances and archive the analytics server.

How to opt-out from analytics subsystem

Visit YMCA Website Services -> Terms and Conditions in your YMCA Website Services site instance and uncheck the Optional Permissions checkbox


After submitting this form your site will stop sending anonymous data.

If the checkbox was not enabled just disregard it, you didn’t opt-in earlier.

Deprecation action

Uninstall and deprecation was done in #2537

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