Upgrade path

All changes in configurations should be added to appropriate hook_update_N in order to update already existing environments. We suggest to use https://www.drupal.org/project/confi for working with hook_update_N.

openy.install in profile

In this file we should put updates that are related to the distribution in general and don’t fit into any feature.

  • Enable/Disable module
  • General configs

openy_*.install in modules

In case if you update some configuration for specific feature, make sure that you put updates into appropriate module.

Revert only specific property from config

With config_import module help we can update only part from full config.

For updating specific property in config (use service ‘openy_upgrade_tool.param_updater’):

  1. go to related to this config module

  2. create new hook_update_N in openy_*.install file

  3. in update add next code (this is example):

$config = drupal_get_path('module', 'openy_media_image') . '/config/install/views.view.images_library.yml';
$config_importer = \Drupal::service('openy_upgrade_tool.param_updater');
$config_importer->update($config, 'views.view.images_library', 'display.default.display_options.pager');


  • $config variable contains path to config with config name
  • “views.view.images_library” - config name
  • “display.default.display_options.pager” - config specific property (you can set value from a nested array with variable depth)

Revert full configs

For updating full config or several configs from directory use service ‘openy_upgrade_tool.importer’.

$config_dir = drupal_get_path('module', 'openy_media_image') . '/config/install';
$config_importer = \Drupal::service('openy_upgrade_tool.importer');


  • $config_dir - path to directory with config
  • “views.view.images_library” - config name

Also you can update several configs from directory: