These guides will help you quickly accomplish common tasks.

How-to guides are directions that take the reader through the steps required to solve a real-world problem. How-to guides are goal-oriented.

Diátaxis guide to technical documentation

Our guides are always evolving. If you have a request for a guide, please get in touch.

How to avoid outdated configuration

Managing config across versions of a module can result in unexpected challenges.

How to customize your locations map

How to install Cachet (the official Y Font)

Cachet, the Y’s primary font, should be used for all internal and external materials whenever possible.

How to integrate with social media

Embedded social feeds or posts can help share your message with users.

How to migrate content into Layout Builder

Leaping to Layout Builder can seem daunting, but we have resources to help.

How to perform a content audit

Content audits help get an overview of how your site is structured and can assist with migrations, SEO analysis, and more.

How to set up a Layout Builder site

Before you build content with Layout Builder, you (or your development partner) must install and configure your site.

How to track & analyze user actions

How to leverage structured data

Structured data helps the machines reading your site - search engines, AI models, and more - understand your content.

How to use the Canadian Colourway for Layout Builder

With a few clicks, Canadian YMCAs can use their own set of brand-compliant, accessible styles.

How to use two-factor authentication

Enabling multiple levels of identity verification can protect your site from malicious users.

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