How to perform a content audit

Content audits help get an overview of how your site is structured and can assist with migrations, SEO analysis, and more.

Doing a content audit is a useful first step to planning a migration. You can use our content audit template and watch our walkthrough on the May Monthly Call to get started, then follow these steps:


List current website pages in a spreadsheet by menu section.

  • This will give you a visual overview of how your site is structured.
    • Be sure to audit your Drupal Admin back end for unpublished pages that can be removed/deleted!


Visit each page and review content.

  • Identify key pages & content types
  • Locate content that is outdated, duplicated, needs further review, consolidation etc.
  • Find content gaps - what might be missing?
  • Identify commonly used page components (i.e. Cards, Carousels, Accordions, Ping Pongs, etc.)
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