How to install Cachet (the official Y Font)

Cachet, the Y’s primary font, should be used for all internal and external materials whenever possible.

From YMCA Link:

Typography is an important element of our brand identity. Cachet and Verdana, the only two fonts used on YMCA collateral, help provide our words with a distinctive look and welcoming feel. And Cachet, as our primary font, should be used for all internal and external materials whenever possible.

To help Ys incorporate the Cachet font into their online applications, Y-USA is now licensing the web font version of Cachet for all YMCAs. Previously, Ys could only access the desktop version of the font from the Brand Resource Center (BRC).

Visit the BRC to:

For developers

YMCA development partners can take advantage of a custom module which allows for automation of this process. Get in touch or reach out in #developers on the YUSA Slack for more details.

For site builders

Once you’ve downloaded the WOFF files, you’ll need to add them to your site. These instructions mirror the walkthrough in this video.

  • Visit Admin > Extend and ensure the “@fontyourface” and “@fontyourface - Local Fonts” modules are enabled.
  • Visit Admin > Appearance > @font-your-face > Custom Fonts
  • Click + Add Custom Font and add each of the Cachet font files you downloaded above with the following settings:
LabelFont FamilyFont StyleFont WeightFont ClassificationFont File
Cachet Extra LightCachetNormal300Sans SerifCachetW05-ExtraLight.woff
Cachet BookCachetNormal400Sans SerifCachetW05-Book.woff
Cachet MediumCachetNormal500Sans SerifCachetW05-Medium.woff
Cachet BoldCachetNormal700Sans SerifCachetW05-Bold.woff


  • After you’ve added each font, Enable them.

Custom_Font|690x156, 100%

  • Your site should now use the Cachet font in headers and other areas. Usage is dependent on the YMCA Website Services theme you choose.