How to customize your locations map

YMCA Website Services includes robust mapping functionality defined in the openy_map subproject. Maps typically are displayed on the /locations page using the Location Finder component and are highly customizable.

These are a few common customizations:

Changing Map Options

By default, content types have these labels on the map:

  • Branch = YMCAs
  • Camp = Camps
  • Facility = Facilities

Screenshot showing map labels

These labels can be customized in the Drupal administration pages to better suit your YMCA’s more member-focused terminology. To do so:

  • In the Admin Menu, go to YMCA Website Services (or Open Y on prior versions) > Settings > Map Settings
  • In the Branch/Camp/Facility Content Type sections you can:
    • edit the label names,
    • show or hide the content type on the Locations page,
    • set the filter to be on or off by default, and
    • set the map icon.
      Branch content type settings
  • Edit each content type as needed then Save the form.
  • Reload /locations and you should see your changes.

Adding Additional Location Types

You can add new content types to the map with a few steps. This may require some trial and error, so be sure to work in a testing environment first. You will need to have the Field UI module enabled to do this through the Drupal admin UI.

  • Create a new content type via Structure > Content types > Add content type
  • Add these existing fields to the content type:
    • field_location_coordinates - required
    • field_location_address and field_location_phone - suggested for display on the map and location teasers.
    • field_location_amenities - if the location should be searchable with the Amenities search.
  • Set up the Teaser display on the new content type:
    • Navigate to Manage display then Teaser
    • Update these settings to match the Branch Teaser display at /admin/structure/types/manage/branch/display/teaser
  • Go back to the Map Settings at admin/openy/settings/openy_map and configure the options for your new location type.
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