Page/Content Types

YMCA Website Services features many different kinds of pages, or content types. Choosing the right content type will ensure your collect the right information and allow you the flexibility to create layouts.

There are two different kinds of Content Types in the distribution:

  • “Standalone types” are content that is displayed directly to users, like Landing Pages and Branches. They may also be displayed in views or other groupings.
  • “Helper types” are content that is never displayed on its own to users. It is displayed in aggregate or as part of a supporting application like Activity Finder or Membership Calculator.

Standalone Content Types

These content types are built for Layout Builder or are Layout Builder-compatible when the supporting module is enabled:

These content types use the legacy Paragraphs page builder:

Helper Content Types

These content types help are not displayed on their own, but are used in supporting applications:

Article (Layout Builder)

The Article content type combines all news-related content into a single content type.

Event (Layout Builder)

Updated Event content type that allows for Layout Builder components to be included within an event page.

Activity, Class, and Session

Format data from third parties (e.g. Daxko, Personify, or ActiveNet), for display in Activity Finder.


Displays timely information in a thin banner across your site, just below the header or above the footer.

Blog Post

Timely content, articles and news pieces tagged with one or more physical locations.


One of the first places members go when they visit a Y website is to their local Y’s page.


Physical locations where outdoor camp programming takes place.


Locations that house YMCA programming outside of a Branch.

Landing Page

Flexible content types that use regions and paragraphs to build content.

Landing Page (Layout Builder)

A flexible content type that uses Sections and Blocks, managed with Layout Builder, to build content.

Membership Content Type

Membership items are the building blocks of the Membership Calculator and are only displayed within the Membership Calculator Paragraph.

News Post

Designed for timely content, articles and news pieces tagged with one or more physical locations.


A generic category page for program offerings.

Program Subcategory

Subcategory pages refine broad Programs into more concrete options.


Flexible content that can be inserted into components as advertisements.