Landing Page

Landing pages are the most flexible content type in YMCA Website Services, with no unique fields other than a layout selector.

Fields in Landing Page

–> Title (Required)

This is what you will see in your admin portal as your content’s name. it will also show as the page title in the Header unless you add a paragraph in the Header Area.

–> Layout (Required)

Landing Pages come with four basic layouts for desktop. For mobile, all layouts display in a single column, with the Sidebar Area stacking below the Content Area.

=> One Column Layout

landing-page-layouts__one-column|690x431, 50%

=> One Column (Full Width)

landing-page-layout__one-column-full|690x431, 50%

=> Two Columns

landing-page-layout__two-columns|690x431, 50%

=> Two Columns (Fixed Sidebar)

landing-page-layout__two-columns-fixed|690x431, 50%

–> Paragraph Areas

  • Header Area: Used for inserting banners, small banners and galleries. Date blocks are also great in this area for scheduled content.
  • Content Area: The main body of your content.
  • Sidebar Area [i](Two Column Layouts Only)[/i]: For aside pieces of content, such as side navigations, promotional cards and content related to the main part of your page.
  • Bottom Area: Add an anchoring element to your page, such as a promotional banner or webform.
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