Landing Page

Flexible content types that use regions and paragraphs to build content.

Fields in Landing Page

Title (Required)

This is what you will see in your admin portal as your content’s name. it will also show as the page title in the Header unless you add a paragraph in the Header Area.

Layout (Required)

Landing Pages come with four basic layouts for desktop. For mobile, all layouts display in a single column, with the Sidebar Area stacking below the Content Area.

One Column Layout

The one column landing page layout

One Column (Full Width)

The one column (full width) landing page layout

Two Columns

The two column landing page layout

Two Columns (Fixed Sidebar)

The two column (fixed sidebar) landing page layout

Paragraph Areas

You can use any number of Paragraphs in these fields.

  • Header Area: Used for inserting banners, small banners and galleries. Date blocks are also great in this area for scheduled content.
  • Content Area: The main body of your content.
  • Sidebar Area (Two Column Layouts Only): For aside pieces of content, such as side navigations, promotional cards and content related to the main part of your page.
  • Bottom Area: Add an anchoring element to your page, such as a promotional banner or webform.