Event (Layout Builder)

Updated Event content type that allows for Layout Builder components to be included within an event page.


Creating an Event

Go to Admin > Content > Add Content > Event (Layout Builder)

Fill in the content fields:

  • Title (required)
  • Subtitle
  • Location info: Select the event location either by choosing from your list of locations or adding the address manually. You must either fill out the Event location OR Address fields.
    • Event Location: A list of Branch, Camp, and Facilities. Select any number of these.
    • Address: If your event does not happen at an existing location, you can add the address directly. Any content in this field will cause the Event Location to be overridden. To clear out the field, reset Country to “- None -”.
    • Directions: By default, a link with directions is auto-generated using the address field of either the Event Location or Address. Use this field to substitute your own directions link.
  • Event Date(s): Add a start and end date and time for the event. If the event does not have an end time, choose the start time for both the start and end.
    • As of March 2023, this field supports recurring events.
    • To create a recurring event:
      • set the Repeats option,
      • choose the Number of recurrences and when to End, then
      • expand the Advanced options to select specific days.
        The event recurrence configuration.
    • Once you save the event, Manage Instance will allow you to customize or remove individual instances.
    • To select multiple dates for your event that do not fit a regular rule, use Add another item below the date selector.
  • Header image: This image is displayed on the Article page and in listing views.
  • Tags: References terms in the Tags vocabulary. See Taxonomy for more information on tags.
  • Body (required): Add text with the WYSIWYG editor
  • Locations: If the event relates to a Branch then select it here so that the event shows in listings on the Branch page.

Customizing Events

Once you create an Event you can customize the layout with Layout Builder. These components are built specifically to work with the Event content type: