Landing Page (Layout Builder)

A flexible content type that uses Sections and Blocks, managed with Layout Builder, to build content.

This page is the base for building pages with Layout Builder.

Creating a Landing Page

Go to Admin > Content > Add Content > Landing Page (Layout Builder)

Fill in the content fields:

  • Title (required): The title of the page. It will not be added to the page and should be added manually with a block in the Banner section.
  • Metadata: This content is used to provide context to search engines and page previews. For the best user experience create clickable titles, write a compelling description, and add a descriptive image.
    • Meta description: A brief and concise summary of the page’s content that is a maximum of 160 characters in length.
    • Meta image: Choose or upload an image to be used as a thumbnail for social sharing and preview cards.
    • Meta tags: Advanced meta tag configuration. This section should not be edited unless you know what you’re doing.

Customizing a Landing Page

Once you create a Landing Page you can customize it with Layout Builder.

Landing Pages come with these pre-configured sections:

  • Header
  • Banner: An edge-to-edge, no gutters section that works best with a single Banner or Carousel.
  • Body: A section with left and right margins. This can contain the bulk of your page content.
  • Footer

Sections can be edited, reordered, or removed to configure your page as you like. You can even remove the header and footer altogether if you need to create content for a digital display or other embedded system.

Last modified September 26, 2023: DS-1050 Add standalone LBLP user docs (fddd6d679)