Membership items are the building blocks of the Membership Calculator and are only displayed within the Membership Calculator Paragraph.

Membership Fields

General Information

-> Title

The title of the membership type to be didsplayed on the first step of the Membership Calculator.

-> Description

A short description to be displayed on the first step of the Membership Calculator.

-> Image

An reusable image field to be displayed on the first step of the Membership Calculator.

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Membership Info

The Membership Info Paragraph lists detailed membership information per location. Add one “Membership Info” section for each location that your membership applies to. If a location does not offer a membership type, you can leave it out.

-> Location

A reference to an already-existing Branch. If the branch does not exist, you’ll need to create it first.

  • URL - The link a member should be taken to to sign up for this membership at this location. See below for tips on finding this URL.
  • Link Text - This field is not used.

-> Join Fee

Dollar value for how much someone has to pay to join.

-> Monthly Rate

Dollar value for the monthly fee of the membership.


Every membership management system will have different ways of linking in for members to complete their registration. Here are a few we know about. If you have tips for a MMS not listed here, feel free to leave them in the comments.

Daxko Operations

Navigate to: Membership > Membership Types > Edit > Online Settings. This provides the deep link to the specific membership types.

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