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Flexible content that can be inserted into components as advertisements.

    Promotions are timed pieces of content that allow content editors the flexibility to create a single item that can be placed in multiple locations on the site, without having to duplicate or manage content in multiple locations.

    Version 1 of the Promotion functionality was released in version (December 2023). This version supports swapping promos into:

    • Activity Finder
      • by enabling the ws_promotion_activity_finder module.
    • Cards
      • by enabling the ws_promotion_cards module.
    • Modals
      • by enabling the ws_promotion_modal module.

    Version 2 is planned for March 2024 and will support more components with more granular placement criteria.

    Creating a Promo

    Go to Admin > Content > Add Content > Promotion (/node/add/promo)

    Fill in the content fields:

    • Title (required)
    • Subtitle
    • Description: The body text of the promo.
    • Image (required): Choose an existing image from the library or upload a new one.
    • CTA/link: Add a call to action to your promo.
    • Promotion Category: Choose one item from the Activities Taxonomy to link the promo with related components (see below).
    • Promotion Priority: Set how often the promo will appear. This setting will only have an effect if multiple promotions can appear on a page.
    • Visibility pages: This field is not yet in use.

    Use the Scheduling options section in the sidebar to set a Publish on and Unpublish on time for your Promo (this requires cron to be running on your server - check with your hosting partner).

    Placing a Promo

    Version 1

    In version 1, creating a Promotion and setting it as Published will automatically enable the promo in any available components (corresponding to the modules enabled above).

    To filter a component to only a certain set of Promotions, edit a Layout Builder block and set the new Promotion Category field.

    A screenshot of the promotion category field.

    • If Promotion Category is not set on a block, then the block will be overridden by any available (published) promo.
    • If Promotion Category is set on a block, then the block will be overridden by only matching promos that have the same category set.