Grid CTA

Sets of content with a headline, description, and link displayed in 2 to 4-item wide rows, with the option to include icons or images.

The Grid CTA block is similar to the Cards block, but allows for more flexible items with a slightly more freeform design.

Designs: Mobile | Desktop

To use the block:

  • Click the Layout tab at the top of your page
  • Scroll to the location on the page where you want to add a block
  • Click Add block
  • In the sidebar, click Create custom block
  • Choose the block to add.

Fill in the content fields:

  • Title (required): Never displayed, even if “Display Title” is checked. For administrative use only.
  • Section title: Displayed as a heading above the cards.
  • Section subtitle: Displayed below the heading.
  • Grid section CTA/link: A link button displayed below the list of items.
  • # of columns: Allows 2- to 4-columns of items.
  • Grid Items: Add up to 4. Each item has:
    • Grid item title (required)
    • Grid item description: A full text editor to add item content.
    • Grid item media: Chose from the library or add a new image or icon to be displayed above the item text.
    • Grid item CTA: A link at the bottom of the item.

Then save the block: