Related Events

Component for displaying related events within an event node page and within other pages using layout builder.

Screenshot showing the field titles overlaid on the design


To use the block:

  • Click the Layout tab at the top of your page
  • Scroll to the location on the page where you want to add a block
  • Click Add block
  • In the sidebar, click Create custom block
  • Choose the block to add.

Fill in the content fields:

  • Title (required): Never displayed, even if “Display Title” is checked. For administrative use only.
  • Section title (required): The section title.
  • Link: An optional link to be displayed near the title.
  • Type: Select how you would like to choose the related events in the block. Each type has different options:
    Screenshot showing the Related Events filter options.
    • Upcoming: Show upcoming events sorted by date.
    • Locations: Use the Locations field to filter Related Events.
      • Choose one or more Branch Locations to filter the list of Events.
    • Manual: Directly specify the Events to be listed.
      • Use the autocomplete field to add one or more Events to be displayed.
  • Items count to display: The maximum number of items to display in the list: 3, 6, 9, or 12.

Then save the block: