Infographic-like display that highlights relevant statistics to users.

Screenshot of the Statistics component with block labels


To use the block:

  • Click the Layout tab at the top of your page
  • Scroll to the location on the page where you want to add a block
  • Click Add block
  • In the sidebar, click Create custom block
  • Choose the block to add.

Fill in the content fields:

  • Title (required): Never displayed, even if “Display Title” is checked. For administrative use only.
  • Section heading: Displayed as a heading above the item.
  • Section subheading: Displayed below the heading.
  • Media: Chose from the library or add a new image to be displayed to the left of the statistics.
  • Section link: Add a link below the statistics items.
  • Statistics items: Add as many items as you like using the Add Statistics Item or Add new custom block button. When you are finished adding or editing each item, be sure to click Create/Update tab or Create/Update custom block to finalize the item. Each item contains:
    • Number value: The number value for the statistic. Can include a prefix ("$100") and/or suffix ("$100M").
    • Description: A description of the statistic.

Then save the block: