1 Column

Embeds a single column of content into an container, with an option to embed reusable content.


Rose - Without Block


Rose - With Block


Carnation - With Custom Block


Areas 1 Column Should Be Used

  • Content Area
  • Sidebar Area
  • Bottom Area

How to Use 1 Column

After selecting “1 Column” from the paragraphs dropdown, you will notice paragraph title field, a checkbox, and a required description.

  • Paragraph title adds an all-caps heading at the top of your paragraph. This is optional.
  • The checkbox adds dual horizontal rules. Check this only if you’re planning on using the paragraph title
  • Description (required) - Adds simple text through a text editor. Font color defaults to purple in Lily and Rose.

Custom Block Feature

While the paragraph be used only with the fields above, 1 column also supports custom blocks of content. For this paragraph type, it’s recommended that users stick with “Simple block” types.

When adding your custom block, use the font-awesome icon class instead of the custom icon image field. In Carnation, the image option tends to get too large.

Learn more about custom blocks ⇒

Read about the Font Awesome icon library ⇒


The purple font color for paragraph descriptions can be overridden in Lily and Rose by targeting .paragraph-1c-wrapper .field-prgf-1c-description.


.paragraph-1c-wrapper .field-prgf-1c-description {
color: inherit;

Content editors who want to edit this CSS can ask their developers to install the CSS Editor module and edit their styles directly from the User Interface.

Content Types that Support This Paragraph

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