3 Columns

3 Columns adds three equal-width, reusable blocks of content, side-by-side. The leftmost columns stack on top of columns to their right.



carnation–landing-page__3-columns|690x402, 75%


lily–landing-page__3-columns|690x402, 75%


rose–landing-page__3-columns|690x402, 75%

Areas it Can Be Used:

  • Content Area
  • Bottom Area

How it Works

landing-page__3-columns-dropdown|644x500, 50%

  • Select 3 Columns from the Paragraphs dropdown.
  • Title: Optional large, all caps title at the top.
  • Add custom blocks to the Left Column, Center Column, and Right Column fields.

Learn more about custom blocks ⇒

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If you want to add multiple rows of content with 3 columns, add a new 3 columns paragraph for each set of two you want (e.g., if you have seven blocks of content, add three 3 columns paragraphs).

Content Types That Support this Paragraph

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