Blog Posts Listing

This paragraph adds a section teaser cards that link to blog posts and dropdown search fields for users to search for blogs they want to read.



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lily-landing-page__blog-listing|690x456, 75%


rose–landing-page__blog-listing|690x403, 75%

Areas it Should Be Used

  • Content Area
  • Bottom Area

How to Use Blog Posts

From the paragraphs dropdown, add Blog Posts Listing. Enter a header title for the section in the text field and hit Save.

landing-page__blog-posts-listing-admin|690x193, 75%


Advanced users can make changes to the exposed fields using the Views module and the paragraphs settings.

The view for the Blog Listings paragraph is not available for editing in the YMCA Website Services sandbox, but you can edit the View using your own dedicated instance. Doing so through the UI, however, could have implications for future upgrades.

Content Types that Support Blog Posts

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