Grid Content

Embed one or more rows of up to four columns of content - each with a title, icon, description, and link.



Grid content in Carnation


Grid content in Lily


Grid content in Rose

Areas It Should Be Used

  • Content Area
  • Bottom Area

How to Use Grid Content

Note on Grid Content: This paragraph’s style will vary greatly depending on your theme. The docs outline how to use the fields.

Select grid content from the list of paragraphs

First, choose Grid Content from the Paragraphs dropdown. You will then see a dropdown with four options under Style:

  • 2 items per row
  • 3 items per row
  • 4 items per row

Select a style to choose how wide you want each section to be; the more items per row, the narrower they will be.


2 items per row w/ 2 Grid Columns

Grid content admin with 2 items selected

Grid content example with two items

3 items per row w/ 2 grid columns

Grid content admin with 3 items selected
Grid content example with 3 items selected

Next, you will see a button that says Add Grid Columns. This is where you will start adding your individual sections/cards.

For each item you add, you will have the following fields:

Note: If you add more items than your selected style, you will create a new row. For example:

  • 2 items per row style, 3 items added -> two rows of content
  • 3 items per row style, 5 items added -> two rows of content
  • 4 items per row style, 9 items added -> three rows of content

Content Types that Support Grid Content

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