Membership Calculator

Membership Calculator adds an interactive “membership wizard” to an YMCA Website Services site.

Areas it Should Be Used

  • Content Area
  • Bottom Area

How to Use Membership Calculator

From the paragraphs drop-down, add the Membership Calculator. No additional configuration is necessary on the page.

The Membership Calculator uses Membership content items. Those will need to be created in order for the Membership Calculator to function.

First, create a Membership node for each membership type your Branch or Association offers. Then, inside each Membership node, add a Membership Info Paragraph with the details of that membership at each of your Locations.

The Membership Calculator is a three-step process:

  1. Membership Type
  2. Primary Location
  3. Summary

Membership Type

This step lists the Title, Image, and Description of each published Member node.


Primary Location

This step provides a map with radio buttons for the member to select their primary location. Every location listed in the YMCA Website Services Location Filter Settings (see Troubleshooting section below) is listed.



This page provides a link for the member to continue their registration, or a message indicating the selected membership is not provided at the selected location.

Join___Drush_Site-Install|690x227 Join___Drush_Site-Install|690x220


On some sites, the second step of the Membership Calculator may not show any locations. In order to resolve this, visit Administration > YMCA Website Services > Settings > YMCA Website Services Location Filter Settings and ensure that any Branches you want to use in the location search are checked.


Content Types that Support Membership Calculator

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