Story Card

Add a simple card to the sidebar with a title, headline and call to action.

This Paragraph works best in Lily and Rose.

Areas it Can Be Used

  • Sidebar Area

How to Use It

In the sidebar area on a piece of content, select “Story Card.” Add a Title and Headline. The Title will be larger than the Headline and display above the Headline.

Add your link in the link field below. Unlike most paragraph types, the link field does not create a button or standalone link; the entire card becomes the link. The link text is required; however, it will not stand out a like typical call to action.

To work around this, add a > or another special character to indicate to users they are clicking on a link.

Recommendations for use with Carnation

While this component is available to use in Carnation, it is not themed with a border as in Lily or Rose. The best practice is to use this paragraph sparingly and only in the following content types:

  • Facility
  • Event

This Paragraph works best in Lily and Rose. In Carnation, the Story Card works best inside the News Post, Event, and Blog Post paragraphs.


Note: In the headline area on Lily and Rose, a large quotation mark will display to the left of your headline. This can be easily disabled using the following CSS:

.story-card .quote svg { display: none; }

Content Types That Support Story Card

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