Adding and Embedding Videos

Adding/Embedding Videos with the YMCA Website Services Text Editor

YMCA Website Services allows you to upload and embed images directly into a block of text, either from your computer or from the YMCA Website Services media library and browser.

Adding Videos

  • To add an video, click on the video button in the text editor toolbar.
  • Make sure you’re on the “Add Video” tab.
  • Next, name your video and paste the URL into the
  • Hit “Save” to go through to the next step.

Adding Videos from the Media Library

  • To add an image from the library, click on the image icon in the text editor toolbar.
  • Next, click on the tab that says “All Images”
  • Name your image, tag it, and write your alt description.
  • Hit “Save” to go through to the next step.

Sizing and Floating Your Video

After you save your video to the media library, a dialogue box will appear, giving you some additional options for embedding it inline.

  • Entity Name simply refers to the name of your video, which you provided on the previous screen.
  • Display as allows you to change the size of the video display without the size of the original video.* By default, YMCA Website Services comes with Full, Half, and Link display modes
    • Full means your video fills the area where it’s inserted
    • Half mean the video is half the size of its area.
    • Link outputs the video as a simple link.
  • Link to wraps the image in a link so that when users click on it, it goes to another page.
  • Align allows you to float a video to the center or either side of the page.
  • Caption outputs a caption below.

When you’re ready to embed the video, just click “Embed.” You can also click the back button on the bottom to choose a different video.

*If you want to make changes to the video you just embedded after you’ve added it, double click on the icon, and the “Embed media” dialogue will appear.

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