Adding Links

Using Links with the Text Editor Links are simple in YMCA Website Services - just highlight your text and click the link icon or type Ctrl+K (Windows)/Command(⌘)+K (Mac). Once the pop-up appears, type your URL into the field and click “Save.”

The link button in the CKEditor toolbar.


Demo this on CKEditor Site >

YMCA Website Services 2.5 and later

Ys with newer versions of YMCA Website Services can add attributes to their links, including a title ( for tooltips) HTML ID, HTML rel and CSS classes. You can also opt to have your link open in a new window/tab.

landing-page_text-editor-link-and-title-popup|690x300, 50%
landing-page_text-editor-link-attributes-popup|628x500, 50%

Linking Tips

  • For links on your website, don’t use the full URL. Highlight everything beginning with the / after your .com, .org, etc.
    • For example, for, you would choose /about. This is called the relative path, and it will help your analytics tracking.
  • For links on other websites, grab the full URL, including the https://.
  • For email links, add ""

To update/change a link, highlight the link text and click the link icon or Ctrl+K (Windows) /Command(⌘)+K (Mac).

To remove a link, highlight the link text and click the unlink icon.

Pro Tip: The link button doesn’t support opening links in a new window or tab, such as with a "target='_blank'" You can either use HTML or the WYSIWYG button tool to create links in new tabs.

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