Basic Text Formatting

Basic Text Formatting in Text Editor

Choose any of the options for your text below by clicking on the icon/performing the keyboard shortcut indicated. To format text you’ve previously typed, just highlight the text and then click on the button in the editor.


Demo Basic Text Formatting on CKEditor 4 >

Text Formatting/Styling Buttons

  1. Bold Text - Ctrl+B (Windows) or Command(⌘)+B (Mac) or clicking/unclicking the B icon
  2. Italics - Ctrl+I (Windows) or Command(⌘)+I (Mac) or clicking/unclicking the I icon
  3. Underline - Ctrl+U (Windows) or Command(⌘)+U (Mac)or clicking/unclicking the U icon
  4. Strikethrough - Clicking/unclicking the S icon
  5. Alignment controls - Left, Center, Right and Justify.
  6. Font Color - A small grid of swatches you can apply to your text. Overrides the default font-color
  7. Text Background color (not recommended)
  8. Font (should remain Cachet or Verdana to conform to YMCA brand standards)
  9. Font Size - A dropdown to select the size of your text. Measured in points, not pixels. Overrides the default font-size for your text, including styles and format.
  10. Indent - Add one or more indents to your copy. Also have the option to undo the indent.
  11. Format - A dropdown list of text formats you can apply to your content. Helps to create sections. Comes out-of-the box with six heading formats.

Most Ys will not use the “Formatted” format, which styles text like HTML code.

  1. Bulleted/Numbered lists - Click the numbered or bulleted list icon to create a list. You can create indented bullets by hitting your tab key or clicking on the indent icon

Pro tip: The Text Editor also ships with a custom “Styles” dropdown that allows you to customize additional text formats/styles for content editors. This is disabled by default in YMCA Website Services. Advanced users can enable this by going to Configuration > Content authoring > Text formats and editors

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