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1-on-1 Meetings

Enable direct, secure, scheduled person-to-person calls inside your Virtual Y site.

    This module is distributed as part of the YCMA Virtual Experience Platform (Virtual Y). Review the README for more technical information.

    Initial configuration

    1. Go to Admin > Extend (/admin/modules) and enable the Virtual Y 1on1 Meeting (openy_gc_personal_training) module.
    2. Go to Admin > Virtual Y > 1on1 Meeting > Settings (/admin/virtual-y/personal_training/settings) and put as the Signaling PRL.
    3. Go to Admin > People (/admin/people) and add the Virtual YMCA Editor role to the user profile of any users who will create meetings.
      • NOTE: The admin user will also need to have this role set.
    4. Also at Admin > People (/admin/people), add the Virtual trainer role to at least one user.
    5. If you are starting a new site, log in as a Virtual Y member at least once.
    6. Go to Admin > Virtual Y > 1on1 Meeting (/admin/virtual-y/personal_training) and you should be able to see a dashboard with links to add a 1on1 meeting.
      • If you receive an Access denied error, be sure to check that you have the Virtual YMCA Editor role as noted in 3.

    Creating a 1on1 meeting

    1. Go to Admin > Virtual Y > 1on1 Meeting (/admin/virtual-y/personal_training)
    2. Add a single 1on1 meeting or a series and fill in the form.


    Joining a 1on1 meeting

    1. Once a 1on1 meeting is created, the customer and trainer will see a card for the call in the Virtual Y dashboard.
    2. Both the Trainer and Customer should open this card, join the meeting, provide their names, and proceed with the call.