Add/Edit Video

View a video of this process.

  • Add a New Video

    • Open Y Sites: Go to Content. Click the Blue “Add Content” button. Select “Virtual Y Video.”
    • Standalone Virtual Y sites: Go to Virtual Y -> Videos -> Add Video
      • You can also add a new Video from the main Content tab.
  • Add a Title for your video and a description. These will display below the video.

  • Use the Media tab to select your video. Click “Select videos.”

    • New Videos – The default option.
    • Name your video the same as your content.
    • Copy and paste your video URL into the Video URL field
      • This field currently supports Vimeo and YouTube.
      • You can use the main url in your browser’s site tab. You don’t need any code or special embed URLs.
    • All other fields (Media Tags, Directory, Revision Log Message, URL Alias) can usually be ignored.
    • Previously Uploaded Videos – If you’ve uploaded a video before and you’re reusing it, you can go to the “Select Videos” tab and choose the video you wish to embed.
  • Select a Level for your Video if applicable (such as for an on-demand class).

    • You can add/edit the default levels by going to Structure -> Taxonomy -> Virtual YMCA Level -> List terms.
  • Type in the Instructor name, if applicable.

  • Choose a category for your video by typing it in and selecting from the dropdown. One category per video.

  • If your video includes the use of equipment (such as exercise equipment for a workout video), type in the name of your equipment and select from the list. To add another piece of equipment, click “Add another item.”

  • You can configure the available equipment to choose from by going to Structure -> Taxonomy -> Virtual YMCA Equipment -> List terms.

  • Add your video’s length in seconds in the “Duration” field.”

  • To feature your video on the Virtual Y homepage, click the featured box.

  • Click the blue Save button to save the document.

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