Building Blocks & Basics

Virtual YMCA is based on Open Y and was originally built as an extension for Open Y sites.

Virtual YMCA uses the same content editing tools as Open Y, except what you get out-of-the-box will be different than in Open Y.

Content Types

Virtual YMCA comes with four content types behind the login that are exclusive to members.

Virtual Y Video

Bring the Y to your members when they’re away. Provide on-demand classes, activities for kids, and other video content. Great for health seekers, families and Active Older Adults.

Add Virtual Y Videos one-by-one or with the separate Virtual Y Video Automation application.

Integrates with: YouTube and Vimeo

Live Streams

Bring your popular classes to your members live! Best for live events with little to no interaction with the audience.

Add Live Streams individually or on a recurring basis. They differ from Virtual Events in that the video will be embedded within the Virtual Y site.

Integrates with: YouTube and Vimeo

Virtual Events

Bring group fitness and other live events to your member with live, virtual events. Great for class with interaction with Y instructors and personal/small group training.

Add Virtual Events individually or on a recurring basis. They differ from Live Streams in that the user will be directed to an external video link.

Integrates with: Any URL/link, including GoToMeeting, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, IG Live and Facebook

Blog Posts

Do your members want to work out on their own but don’t know which workout they want to choose? Use written content to provide members workouts, recipes, or activities.

Add Virtual Y Blog Posts can be added via the standard Add Content list or menu.

No integrations required.

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