Go-live Checklist

Here are some things you should check before you go live with your Virtual Y site:

Review your content

  • Disable any Virtual Y sections that you’re not using.
    • Ensure that you’ve disabled links to those sections in your Main Navigation.
  • Review and click through Main Navigation and Footer links to ensure they’re all valid.
  • Visit /admin/content and ensure any demo content is deleted or unpublished.
  • Visit Virtual Y > Event Series and ensure any demo content is deleted.
  • Ensure that Virtual Y content is displaying as you expect.
    • If some content is not displaying, check to ensure all fields are filled in (the Description field is not required but can sometimes prevent content from displaying if left empty).

Review your Authentication

  • Review and test your Virtual Y Auth provider.
    • If you’re using the Daxko Barcode provider, ensure you’ve set the Message for login failures at Virtual Y > Virtual YMCA Settings > GC Auth Settings > Edit Daxko barcode provider.

Final clean-up

  • If you’re using it, ensure you’ve set up Google Analytics at Configuration > System > Google Analytics.
  • If you’re using any basic authentication to protect the site before it goes live (what Y Cloud calls “Site Lock”), ask your hosting partner to turn it off.
  • If you’d like to share content with other Ys, review Shared Content // Virtual YMCA User Docs and initiate a connection to the Open Y Shared Content server