Software Requirements

Open Y Sites

  • Open Y version 2.0 or newer.
  • The ability to install Virtual YMCA modules

Virtual Y Standalone Site


Tech stack required

  • Ubuntu Server (local or Cloud environment) with 2CPU and 2GB of RAM minimum.
  • Server configured with LAMP stack (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP).
  • PHP 7.4+ ( PHP 8.1+ is recommended)
  • Composer

Recommended Hosting Solutions

  • Digital Ocean – Cost-effective. For self-installs.
  • OneEach Technologies – Mid-range. For Ys with developer partners.
  • Acquia/Pantheon/ – Enterprise. For large YMCAs.

SSL (Security Certificate)

Security certificate that authenticates that you own your website. Displays lock icon in user’s web browser. Required by most modern browsers. SSLs are widely available for a large number of reputable providers.

Domain Name (Website Address)

Only required for standalone Y sites . Can be set up with its own unique web address (i.e.,, a unique directory within your existing site ( or as a subdomain of your existing site (

Requirements for each of these setups is unique. Contact your developer partner or the Open Y community for help with your setup.

Integration

CRMs with Full Integration

  • Daxko
  • Personify
  • Salesforce (Coming Soon)

Other CRMs

  • Upload a .csv file of emails to your server to use the manual sign-in experience.