Virtual Y Configuration

Virtual Y predefined pages

Once Virtual Y installed system creates set of required Landing pages with predefined URLs. These pages are:

  • Virtual Y Landing page - /virtual-ymca
  • Virtual Y Login Landing page - /virtual-y-login

URLs to pages above then set as configuration values at /admin/openy/virtual-ymca.

Admin user is obligated to keep pages in the system or properly update configuration with new values to keep Virtual Y functionality working correctly.

Protecting Virtual Y Pages

If content editors modify the alias or remove the Virtual Y pages above, the VY site may break. Site administrators may want to add additional protections to the site to prevent editors from making those changes. We recommend Node Keep for this purpose:

  • Add node_keep to your repo with `composer require ‘drupal/node_keep’
  • Enable the module in Drupal
  • Edit each of the pages above and set the Node Keep options as you wish to protect the pages

Screenshot displaying Node Keep options

Virtual Y Log module

Virtual Y Log module can be configured via configuration files. Available settings:

  • activity_granularity_interval: Default value 600 - sets the interval in Seconds to track user activity on the site
  • archiver_enabled: default value true - enable / disable activity logs archiver cron execution
  • archiver_store_period: default value 1 year - set the period when activity logs will be collected and placed to same archive. This value should be set to as Relative Date/Time PHP string, e.g. 1 week, 2 months, 1 year, etc.
Last modified November 8, 2022: docs: Add VY Node Keep instructions (c96db689)